a handful of the most popular sports in the world

If you have ever pondered what sporting events are favored all over the world, then this list may astonish you.

Folks play sport for many different good reasons but one of the biggest reasons for folks to participate is so they can continue fit and healthy. A unexpected sport participation statistic is the level of folks that use cycling as their main source of fitness. For example, about 21% of folks in New Zealand cycle, which is a very high percentage, so it is most likely the most popular sport in New Zealand. Many people would presume that rugby football would be the top sports in the country seeing as they do enjoy the game and are so successful at it as a nation. The appeal of cycling has been boosted by things such as the Tour de France, which is financed massively by the cycling clubs’ owners or potential owners, such as Sir Jim Ratcliffe. When people watch the pros going at such high speeds over incredible distances, it makes folks hope to get involved in the sport, and that is a great thing as it helps individuals to stay fit and healthy.

The second most popular sport across the planet in terms of people’s viewership is surprisingly cricket, which has an astonishing 2.5 billion supporters worldwide, although that figure is most likely even greater today. Despite the fact that the sport is nowhere near the most popular sport in America, there is a big south Asian market for the sport and as that region of the world is so populated, it adds to the massive viewership. In India the most popular sport is cricket, and in particular they really love the premier cricket league in the nation which is in the twenty20 format. One of the best teams in the league, and so the best known, plays in Mumbai and is actually owned by Nita Ambani, a effective businesswoman. There is a tremendous range of revenue in the cricket league and it brings in the greatest players from all over the world, and they are paid large wages which of course pulls in the most popular footballers.

Rugby football is favored in many English-speaking countries, and that is particularly valid for rugby league. Rugby league is dissimilar to rugby union in a number of the laws and the style of play, nevertheless the general structure is still the same. In England, rugby league is more well-known in the north of the nation whilst the southern towns typically concentrate on rugby union, it's not the most popular sport, but it is nevertheless played by lots of people, especially in towns such as Wigan or Leeds. Arguably the biggest club in England is in Wigan, and the owner Ian Lenagan controls perhaps the most esteemed rugby league club in the world. The ground is commonly referred to as the home of rugby league.

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